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Codenomicon Fuzz-o-Matic

Identify vulnerabilities easily

Fuzzing is the #1 method used by hackers, security analysts, and QA organizations to find defects that have slipped into software. Fuzz-o-Matic uses Codenomicon Defensics Fuzz Technology to discover the security bugs others can't find.

When vulnerabilities are found, Fuzz-O-Matic provides in-depth fault analysis, including programmer-friendly traces and exploitability analysis to help prioritize fixing found defects. In addition to crash analysis, you also get information on faults that caused excessive CPU or memory consumption.

It's easy!

Upload your application binary. Then just sit back, relax, and wait for Fuzz-O-Matic to find vulnerabilities. Different versions of the same software have different vulnerabilities, so test all versions of your software. Download the results, fix your application, and repeat. Then use the Fuzz-o-Matic dashboard to assess how your software improves over time. It could not be any easier!

Find bugs others missed

Are you using static code analysis to harden your applications? Are you sure you're doing enough? In order to write a truly secure application, use static analysis and dynamic analysis. As a type of dynamic analysis, Fuzz-o-Matic complements the use of static analysis tools by revealing bugs missed by static analysis. Fuzz-o-Matic reports only real world reproducible crashes and lets you concentrate on fixing the critical bugs first.

Verify your applications

The world’s best software and hardware companies have Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) processes that identify fuzzing as a necessity to pre-emptively thwart vulnerabilities. These days simple functional testing done as Quality Assurance is not enough. If your application processes data from external data sources such as files over the internet or from file systems, it is imperative to harden these attack vectors. To protect your users, use Fuzz-o-Matic.

Verify your supply chain

Code reuse is a common practice with in-house dev teams, outsourced development, or integration of open-source components into proprietary software products – stop security bugs in their tracks with Fuzz-o-Matic!

How is your test team performing? If you are not measuring security bugs across versions and across codebases, you cannot improve. Use Fuzz-o-Matic to benchmark testing performance and validate third-party code.

No need for source code

To use Fuzz-o-Matic, you do not need confidential source code. Fuzz-o-Matic executes tests on the compiled binary. If you have access to the software, you can use Fuzz-o-Matic. This is ideal for validating third-party software, evaluating security aspects of competitive software products during an enterprise IT purchasing process, or quantifying the probability and severity of future product security incidents during a software M&A due diligence process.

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